World Citizen is a nonprofit organization based in Saint Paul, MN with a mission to empower communities to educate for a just and peaceful world. Learn more about us, or join us for Peace Education or as a Peace Site!

Five Peace Actions guide our work: (1) SEEK peace within yourself and others; (2) REACH OUT in service; (3) PROTECT the environment; (4) RESPECT diversity; (5) BE a responsible citizen of the world.

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Give to the Max on Thursday, November 17th to support World Citizen!

Thank you for being part of the World Citizen community! Each year, generous supporters like you celebrate Give to the Max Day by making your online donation at Your generosity on this day makes a difference far beyond the 24-hour giving event--it helps us change lives by empowering communities to educate for a just and peaceful world.
Learn more about Peace Education Learn more about Peace Sites
Online Peace Education Courses focus on principles, frameworks, and practices, including conflict resolution, human rights, service learning, cultural understanding, and the intentional structures to create peaceful communities. Learn more
Becoming a Peace Site is a wonderful way to build community. Peace Sites can be located at schools, congregations, community centers, businesses, and more. World Citizen offers Peace Site kits for you to get started. Learn more
Onsite Peace Education Workshops are an opportunity for you to connect with other individuals, share ideas, and feel supported in peace keeping efforts in your communities. Workshops include guest speakers, discussions, and networking. Learn more
There are hundreds of Peace Sites across the world. Use World Citizen's map to find sites near you that you can visit. You can also get in touch with us if you're interested in having your Peace Site added to the map. Learn more