Deepening my Understanding of Immigration Issues

posted Oct 15, 2011, 9:55 AM by Dan Thiede
The Peace Ed session on immigration caused me to recognize the need to move toward a process that pays attention to ways in which immigration/refugee issues are part of the history of the vast majority of US-born students, that views recently-arrived immigrants and refugees as full human beings whose lives are more than just their experience as immigrants and refugees, that highlights their gifts and dreams (and not just their needs and the challenges they have faced) and their capacity to actively participate in the process of addressing those needs and challenges (and thus invites US-born students--and adults--to see themselves as potential allies, rather than rescuers).

Peace Ed sessions have also impacted my work with educators.  It has deepened my understanding of the central role that the perspectives, experiences, and questions of participants can play in such gatherings (rather than relying primarily on "input" from myself or other presenters), and how to tap those qualities in the participants.

Kevin La Nave
Center For Service Learning, St. Cloud