Can You Say Peace?

posted Nov 11, 2009, 11:07 PM by Dan Thiede
By Karen Katz
Henry Holt and Company, 2006

This picture books celebrates the International Day of Peace created by the UN celebrated every September 21st. The book follows a simple pattern of naming a child, sharing where he/she is from and tells the word for peace in primary language of that child. It is a wonderful companion book to Katz’s book The Colors of Us.

Practice saying the word for peace in many languages. Find out more important words from the languages represented in the book and ask the students if learning a new language could help spread peace in the world. Why or why not?

Do students in your class speak other languages that are not represented in the book? How would they say peace in the languages they know and use?

Find out the history of the International Peace Day. Ask students to do something kind and peaceful for someone at school on this day and record the kind gesture on a card and place that card in a pre-determined place. Read the cards at the end of the day and discuss how kind gestures help promote and celebrate peace.

Learn a song about peace and sing it as and opening and closing on the International Day of Peace.

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