Peace and Pancakes

posted Nov 11, 2009, 10:56 PM by Dan Thiede
By Anne M. Picard
Beaver’s Pond Press 2006

Anne Picard, a former Board Member for World Citizen, wrote and illustrated this wonderful picture book with a message of peace, love and compassion. This is the story of Grendle (who loves pancakes) but is upset by the Giant who scares everyone in the land where he lives.  Grendle seeks the help of Frederick, a teacher and mentor, to learn a peaceful way to approach the giant and encourage peace for all. Grendle discovers that the Giant isn’t so nice because he’s sad and lonely. Grendle helps him discover that friendship and kindness are the actions that can make a true difference in the lives of others. 

Discussion Questions:
  • What skills does Grendle learn from his mentor? Do you feel you practice these skills?
  • What causes the Giant to change?
  • Do you have teachers in your life that help you make wise choices for peace? What have you learned?
  • When you meet others who seem ‘mean’ or don’t treat others well, how do you handle those situations and how do you treat the people involved in those situations? How do you know when to walk away, report it to an adult, or try to work it out? What if what you try doesn’t work—what do you do next?
  • Do you have to be friends with someone or even like them to treat them with respect?
  • Dragons have great power in most stories. They breathe fire, can fly and usually have great strength. Grendle doesn’t use these powers to fight the Giant. Why not? Can a person be considered strong and courageous when they choose not to fight?
Make pancakes and read this wonderful book!

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