Prayer for the Twenty-First Century

posted Oct 25, 2009, 8:13 PM by Dan Thiede   [ updated Nov 11, 2009, 10:03 PM ]
By John Marsden
Star Bright Books, 1998

The illustrations in this beautiful picture book are absolutely amazing. Marsden inspires us to reflect on the kind of world we hope for our children. You can’t help but think about what it will take, from all of us collectively, to achieve our hopes and dreams.

Writing: This book inspires us to think about the kind of future we hope to have for our children. Ask the students what hopes, dreams and wishes they have for the world and then write it as a poem. Students may want to start every line of their poem with “May” like Mr. Marsden has done in his book.

Collage: Much of the art in the book is done in collage. Ask children to create a collage using pictures that show the kinds of things that represent their hopes for future generations.

Mural: Ask the students to visit each teacher and have them ask that teacher something they are hoping for – for the next generation. Have each student return and write those words with paint on a large canvas or paper…..hang the wishes and dreams somewhere in the school for all to see…….use a key next to the painting to show who made each wish.

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