Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace

posted Nov 11, 2009, 10:19 PM by Dan Thiede
By Shelley Moore Thomas
Photos by Eric Futran
Albert Whitman and Company, 1998

In this picture book, filled with beautiful photographs of children by Eric Futran, the author shares the message that “Somewhere Today” people are creating peace through gentle acts of love and kindness.

This is a wonderful book to help young children know that small acts of kindness, done out of love and care, can have great impact on others and our world. Kindness fosters peace.

  • What kinds of things do you do to show kindness and love for others?
  • What can you do today to be helpful and kind?
  • What can you do or say when you notice that someone is being kind to you or is doing something to show you that they care for you?
Writing: Ask the students to think about something they did in the past few days that showed kindness towards others. Have them copy the pattern in the story and write, “Somewhere Today..." and complete the sentence with their act of kindness. Take a photo of that child and instead of having them put their name next to their sentence, the photo will show who said those words.

Emerging Readers: It is helpful for emerging readers to notice little words in words as one way to decode more complex words.  What little words do they notice in some of the words in this story—for example in Somewhere I see the words some and where. I also see me and so. Does noticing the smaller words help me read the larger word? Which ones do and which ones don’t? In today I see the words to and day? Does that help me decode that word?

Thank You: An act of peace could be thanking someone for doing something that helps you or others in your community. Helping your students and children discover different people in your community and how they help others is an important. Thanking them for their contribution is an act of peace. Firefighters, teachers, social workers, police officers, trash collectors, custodians, nurses, doctors, architects, volunteers, animal rescue people, activists, etc, are all people who take care of people and the community. Imagine if you had a practice of thanking people take the time to help others.

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