Peace Education Sharing: Elementary

Time for sharing is always built into the Peace Education workshops. Participants are at various stages of involvement with their peace activities. Sharing becomes very valuable in the process of creating a community of peace educators.

Martha R.

Spirit of Peace Sculpture for the Lake Harriet Peace Garden in Minneapolis. Dedication on October 25, 2006 (Anniversary of Sadako’s death). Everyone is invited to attend. The project is halfway completed. Still opportunities for a service project. For more information:

Heather B. & Betsy D.

Ideas for Anti-Bullying The following ideas were shared:

  • Climb Theater Was very helpful for defining “bullying”
    Do we emphasize the negative behavior or the positive behavior?
  • Naomi Drew Talks with the children about very practical things to do to deal with bullies. Kids Guide to Handling Conflict by Naomi Drew. For more info go to:

Linda H.

A Primer for Parents by Dana Williams. An article on bullying from the magazine “Teaching Tolerance” Spring ‘06.

LH also shares she found the best way to make changes in the school is to start in her own classroom. Others pick up on it.

Andrea V.

Beads on One String a song and picture book by Dennis Warner. Used as the basis for an assembly to build community. For more info go to

Heather F.

Poster Idea Her ESL kids each get a puzzle piece (enlarged and cut out of paper) on which they will put their picture. Eventually, it all fits together on the wall.