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2012 Appeal: Growing Peace in Our Communities

posted Nov 25, 2012, 5:28 PM by Dan Thiede   [ updated Nov 25, 2012, 5:29 PM ]
Dear Friends of World Citizen,

Kindness does work!  As quoted by Colin Powell, “You can never err by treating everyone in a community with respect, thoughtfulness, and a kind word.”  Maybe a solution to the ongoing problem of “Bullying” is to practice and focus on “Kindness.”

Nobel Peace Prize Forum
We know bullying is not unique to just the youth of today.   On a daily basis we hear and read about the inappropriate adult behaviors that seem to be prevalent in our homes, schools, and communities. Kindness is not just about being nice; it’s about recognizing other human beings who deserve care and respect.  Again, where do we begin?  World Citizen starts by “empowering the community to educate for a just and peaceful world.”  Kindness and respect are promoted with all ages through opportunities within Peace Education Workshops and International Peace Sites.

World Citizen has an opportunity to continue its meaningful work to combat negative influences by encouraging respectful problem solving and positive communication skills.  The work of World Citizen promotes this in three ways:
  • Peace Sites and Peace Poles allow communities to publicly declare their commitment to peace.  Declaring as a peace site indicates support for the Five Peace Actions:
    • Seek peace within yourself and others
    • Reach out in service
    • Protect the environment
    • Promote intercultural understanding and celebrate diversity
    • Be a responsible citizen of the world
  • The Peace Education Program encourages educators and other adults to come together to share resources and learn new strategies to share with their community.  Trained facilitators and guest speakers provide information relating to character building, social justice, equity, anti-bullying, and cyber-bulling.

  • The Nobel Peace Prize Forum/Festival provides a learning experience for students within a larger community of peaceful learners.  Augsburg College sponsors this annual event and World Citizen has been very actively involved since 1996.

Peaces Site Dedication
World Citizen invites all donors and their contacts to join us in participating in any or all of the opportunities previously listed.  At a time when working together respectfully is needed more than ever, World Citizen has answered the call by continuing to expand programming to include all ages within a community in the following ways:
  1. The global Online Peace Education Course through Hamline University will be offered as soon as November 2012.  We will be sharing more about that soon!

  2. The challenge of preventing and combating cyber-bullying will continue to be a key topic.

  3. World Citizen will continue to feature key speakers with topics pertinent to all ages and all communities.

  4. The Facebook page continues to increase social network capabilities:

  5. Our website,, will continue to be upgraded to accommodate worldwide contact and sharing.

These program expansions work to promote a cultural shift in our society: from violence to peace and from injustice to equality.

As a friend and supporter of World Citizen, increased financial help is needed to continue to expand the work of building healthy communities.  Your financial gift provides Peace Education opportunities for educators worldwide, implementation of an enhanced website, materials and presenters for World Citizen programs, and much more.  Please give today!

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In the words of Ellen DeGeneres, “Be Kind to one another.”  In the end, only kindness matters.  Thank you for investing in the future of your community by helping all ages practice peaceful problem solving in school, at home, within the community, and around the world.


Kathy Millington, Executive Director
Martha Roberts, President
Lowell Erdahl, Board Chairperson


Dan Thiede,
Dec 29, 2012, 3:04 PM