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Heather Nelson accepts Outstanding World Citizen Award

posted Oct 15, 2011, 9:09 AM by Dan Thiede   [ updated Oct 15, 2011, 9:14 AM ]
Heather Nelson receives award
Heather Nelson, Principal at Stonebridge Elementary, accepted the award for Outstanding World Citizen at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum on March 5, 2011. Below is her acceptance speech. The photo on the right shows Heather receiving her award from Martha Roberts, President of World Citizen. Congratulations, Heather!

Thank you so much. 

I feel very honored and humbled to be accepting this award.  

For the past eight years I have had the pleasure of being part of World Citizen.   I can’t begin to tell how much this organization has meant to me, the teachers and our school.  

We have had the great opportunity to learn from other peace educators about topics such as human rights, anti-bullying policies, responsive classroom, second step curriculum, yoga calm and much more.  

The two days that we spend with our cohorts and leaders provides us the opportunity to talk about relevant and meaningful topics.  It gives us the chance to focus on peace education and plan activities we can bring back to our school and students.  

Academics are important, but what matters most is how students, staff and families feel in our schools.  What I want for all students is to feel safe, valued and respected.  I want students to feel excited about coming to school and be able to thrive and grow.

I have attended numerous workshops over the course of my 18 years in education and none are as relevant as the two days we spend with World Citizens.  

I gratefully accept this award on behalf of the amazing teachers I get to work with each day who care deeply about children.  They are the true heroes.

Thank you.