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Safe and Supportive Schools Act signed into law

posted Apr 26, 2014, 6:26 AM by Dan Thiede
What an exciting time as our Governor signs the "Safe and Supportive Schools Act".  How monumental that some of the very things that WE feel passionate about are coming to fruition.

Governor Dayton signs Safe Schools bill into law - photo by Glenn Stubbe, Star Tribune
"No young person should be forced to choose between going to school or being safe. But today, far too many are put in that position,” said Sen. Dibble, who authored the bill in the Senate. “Many of those students courageously stepped forward to share the pain of their experiences and to ask us to do better. Many more continue to feel isolated, afraid and despairing. Today we are able to answer them, and thanks to the amazing work of those students, parents, educators and health care professionals, Minnesota schools will be safer, healthier environments for all kids."

World Citizen and Peace Education is here to help the state of Minnesota, school districts, and YOU as educators and administrators. We are prepared and excited to provide on-site workshops for you and your school districts.  Please reach out to us to help you in any way possible to provide training and support in implementing and meeting the guidelines of this exciting bill.

Learn more about the bill here and here.