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About Peace Poles

What is a Peace Pole?

A Peace Pole is a handcrafted monument that displays the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" on each side of the pole written in four to sixteen  languages reflecting the community’s population. A Peace Pole is a permanent, wooden pole that can be planted in a school or community courtyard or garden to act as a constant reminder for us to visualize and promote a just and peaceful world.

Over 200,000 Peace Poles have been planted in 180 countries throughout the world. Everyone can promote peace through Peace Poles including: Individuals and Families, Groups, Organizations, and Businesses, Schools and Colleges, Police and Fire Stations, Places of Worship, Hospitals and Animal Shelters, and anywhere else you can think of.

Peace Poles are available in four sizes. The eight and four foot Peace Poles are planted in the ground or can be used in a stand. The desktop Peace Poles and the 7” mini-Peace Poles, which are often used as gifts.

Where can I get a Peace Pole?

To order, contact:

Peaceful Solutions & More
Melvin Giles

Further Information

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