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Becoming a Peace Site
Peace Site plaque, part of
our Peace Site Packet
Becoming a World Citizen International Peace Site is
a wonderful way to build community and remind you to:
Register to become a Peace Site:
1. Fill out the application form on this page and send it to us via postal mail or electronically.
2. Purchase a Peace Site packet ($150, tax deductible), using the form below
3. Your packet will be sent to you on receipt of payment. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
4. Stay in touch! We'd like to know how your project is progressing.
5. Send us photos, with captions, we can post on this website and on social media. We want to celebrate your work!
Additional Advantages
bullet Onsite and online Peace Education networking
bullet Facebook social media connections
World Citizen board member support
Order a Peace Site Packet including:
bullet 1 Peace Site plaque (made with sustainable bamboo)
bullet 1 Planet Earth flag
Free Download:
bullet Planet Earth Poster. Use the free “Blue Marble” image from NASA to create your own posters.
Two Ways to Register:
Pay via check or money order using our downloadable form. Make your check or money order payable to, and send your form and payment to:
World Citizen
International Peace Site Memberships
P.O. BOX 9296
Saint Paul, MN 55109
Make an online payment using the form below. You'll be asked to make a choice to pay by credit card or Paypal. Once you've clicked on your choice, please fill out the form, noting the "World Citizen Peace Site Registration" in the box labeled "Purpose" and indicating $150 (or an additional donation) in the "Amount" box.
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World Citizen is a 501(c)(3) corporation providing two programs: International Peace Sites and Peace Education.
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  Five Peace Actions define World Citizen:
  Seek peace within yourself and others
  Reach out in service
  Protect the environment
  Respect diversity
  Be a responsible citizen of the world